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Insert what you believe to be the monthly market rent
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Agents Commission (%) * $0
Reputable agents charge between 10% - 15% for their services depending on how many of them you want
Plus VAT at 20% $0
Total Costs For Agents Fees: $0
Annual Income Less Commission: $0
Setup Fees: *
Setup fees vary hugely from $250 - $750 this is paid each time a new tenant moves in you could potentially experience two tenants per year
Plus VAT at 20%: $0
Total Costs Of Setup Fees: $0
Annual Income - Setup Fees - Commission: $0
Annual vacant periods in number of weeks: *
Please remember it can take up to 4 weeks to move one tenant out and another one in - You should have a minimum of 4 weeks
What you actually get and what you could have had
what you would get from your another real estate agent
what you would get from American Dream Home Mortgage
Saving Per Month $0
Saving Per Year $0
Total possible loss of rent from vacant periods: $0
The true cost of letting
Gross annual market rent $0
Deduct total agents fees (inc VAT) $0
Deduct total setup fees (inc Vat) $0
Deduct loss of income from vacant period $0
Estimated annual rent after deductions $0
Estimated monthly rent after deductions $0