How To Use Social Media To Help You Sell Your Home

As technology has continued to improve and expand, our use of technology has also grown and developed overtime. We now use technology in about every facet of our lives and are on some form of social media at least once a day. But did you know you can use the power of social media to market your home and help you find a buyer faster? Here are some tips to help you use social media to sell your home fast.

Don’t Rely Solely On A Home-Listing Site

There are many websites now that are designed specifically for individuals or realtors to post home listings and for home buyers to be able to view available listings. These websites include sites such as Zillow, Trulia, and But you don’t want to rely solely on these websites for marketing your home as it can easily get lost in the sea of other available homes and it can be difficult to set your home apart from others. These sites also place more power onto the buyers as it makes it easier for them to compare other homes in your area to make sure they are getting the best home at the best offer available.



Facebook is an extremely powerful tool when it comes to using social media to market your home for sale because it is very visual but still allows for a lot of textual information and links. There are also a number of different ways you can use Facebook to market your home including:

  • Sharing pictures, videos, information, and links about your home listing on your personal Facebook page and asking your friends and family to share the post as well.
  • Using Facebook live for a virtual open house. Facebook live will give you the power to show your home via video live but also interact with viewers who have questions in real time.
  • Using Facebook Ads – you don’t even have to invest a lot of money towards Facebook ads, the key here is getting your target demographics right, so you can get as many viewings as possible as quickly as possible.
  • Posting in Marketplace or Groups as allowed. Sometimes you will need to pay for the ability to advertise in a private group, but this can also be an extremely powerful way to reach your selected demographic.
  • Create an event – you can make a public event for your home’s open house and invite friends and family who may be looking to buy a home or that may know someone who is looking to buy. Leaving the event public will also help you reach a larger group of people more quickly and easily. Events will also allow you to set reminders for those following your event.


Instagram can also be a powerful marketing tool when selling your home, if used correctly. Instagram is much more visual based than Facebook, so you will want to make sure your pictures capture unique details and highlight the best features of your home that truly make it stand out from all the other available homes in your area. You can use the caption space to include information about your listing. When using Instagram, you will want to make sure to use as many targeted hashtags as possible as this is the way the site finds relevant content to share with its users. You can get creative with hashtags including information such as your location #Tampa, size of your home #4bedrooms, and unique features of your home #fireplace, for example.


Like Instagram, Snapchat is a very visual app that can be used to draw attention to the unique details and best features of your home. It is easy for content to be skipped over quickly on Snapchat, so you will want to make sure that each picture you use truly tells the lifestyle story of your home. For example, if your home has an amazing ocean or mountain view showcase that and if your home is close to awesome community activities such as parks, shopping, and dining then showcase that! Use Snapchat to get potential buyers to feel like they are already living in your home.


You can use YouTube to upload a video walk-through of your home that highlights the best features of your home. YouTube is now owned by Google, and is the second largest used search engine, with Google itself being number one.


Many realtors use LinkedIn to expand their connections with other realtors in the area and across the globe. This helps your realtor provide and receive referral business from other realtors. This will also help them be able to get information about your home out to other realtors who may be working with clients that are not using the internet to look for a home to buy.

Use A Realtor That Is Already Familiar With And Uses Social Media Extensively

Using a realtor that is already familiar with and uses social media regularly to promote their business and market homes they have available is going to help you keep from spamming your friends and family with multiple unwanted postings about your home, but also getting the word out about your home to the correct demographic that is looking to buy a home. If you overdo the postings on your own personal social media sites most of your posts will begin to be ignored as your own family and friends will not be interested in seeing the same information over and over again.