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Using A Professional Mortgage Broker To Help You Understand Your Mortgage Terms and Interest Rates

When it comes to choosing a mortgage loan there is no one size fits all option that works for everyone. Because there are so many factors to consider when choosing the mortgage that is right for you, it can be difficult to know if you are choosing the right one. [...]

Before You Buy: Everything You Need To Know About Homeowner’s Associations (HOAs)

If you are looking to buy a condo, townhouse, or even a single-family home in a planned community development, chances are you will need to know everything you can about homeowner’s associations before you decide to buy. HOAs are not necessarily a bad thing, but they do come with their [...]

What To Look For Before Purchasing A House That Has Been Flipped

When purchasing a home many buyers are attracted to recently flipped houses because of their picture-perfect updates. But there are definitely some things you need to pay close attention to when looking at a flipped house. Here’s what to look out for to make sure your newly purchased home doesn’t [...]